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Born: April 17, 2017

Colour: Pure Black (with tiny white star)

Current Height: 15.3hh

Expected Height: up to 16.2hh

Sire: Woodmont Tundra Xpression # 13955 (16.2hh)

Dam: Hampshire Lane Lawrence Sylvie # 11975 (15.3hh, below)

Erol-Flyn is a stunning 3-year-old registered Canadian stallion seeking a home where he can realize his full potential.  He is a proven stud with excellent conformation, a calm affectionate personality, and impressive bloodlines.  His sire is the highest scoring Canadian in the West for conformation, type, and temperament.  And Erol-Flyn has already sired a healthy, well-balanced filly.  More photos coming soon.

With some training he would also make an awesome riding horse. He doesn’t have any vices, injuries, or health issues.  I can lead him around with just one finger on his halter and he doesn’t react at all to wearing a saddle or having a tarp thrown around.  He’s responding well to ground work too.  He is comfortable being lead into tight spaces, around loud machinery, and past barking dogs and various livestock.  (He loves chasing cows).  I’ve also ponied him on longer trail rides and he was perfectly behaved with the mares and geldings.  It won’t take much for him to excel in an arena or on rugged trails.

He is a wonderful horse with so much potential, and it hurts my heart to sell him.  However, we’ve had some recent changes in our plans.  First I was hospitalized by a crazy cow which left me unable to ride green horses.  Then we decided to move to a less rural property and gradually find new homes for all of our livestock. Erol-Flyn is one of the last to be sold.  He enjoys hanging around the yard like a pet, but he’s much too good for that to be his destiny.  Asking Price:  $4500 CDN ($3400 USD).  Location: Clearwater, BC, Canada.

Dawn Lindenbach
Tel:  1-250-572-2833

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