Happy New Owners / Nouveaux Propriétaires Heureux

Good morning Jody!

I was visiting your site this weekend and discovered that the “Happy New Owners” page for me is out of date. Shame on me….. Anyhow, I am once again a happy new owner. In January of 2010 I ended up selling Herki due to getting divorced. It broke my heart, as we were a perfect match. BUT I sold him to a couple who assured me that once I got back on my feet they would sell him back for the same price I sold him for. Since January of 2010 I visited him often. October of this year I was in a position to be able to bring him home again. Arrangements were made and he returned to me on October 27th. These people were angels sent to me in a time of need. I am so happy to have my boy in my life once again. I have attached a couple of more up to date pictures. He is now 17 years old and still a great ride! Thanks for your help in bringing us together 12 years ago!!!

Bonnie Burke-Ash
Littleton, NH

(Letter sent to CHL Seller…)

Allo Rémi,

Juste un petit mot en passant pour te donner des nouvelles de Nevada!

Elle va très bien et s’améliore de jour en jour! Je suis très heureuse d’en être la propriétaire. Je lui suis reconnaisante de tout ce que j’apprends à ses côtés! Elle est très gâtée et chouchoutée et elle me le rends bien! Je t’envoi deux photos!

Merci encore! J’espère que tout vas bien du côté de berthier et également à l’AQCC.

Annie Leclair,


Hello All!

Wanted to let you know how we did at the show…admittedly we didn’t have too much competition (there were about 8-10 Canadians total on Saturday and little to no competition on Sunday… 😦 ), but we did OK considering most of the horses we were competing against were 5 to 10 years older… here are the results:

• Dressage Intro Test B – 2nd
• Dressage Training Level Test 1 – 4th
• Canadian Open Pleasure – 3rd
• Open Dressage Suitability (against all horses) – 3rd
• Canadian Dressage Suitability – 3rd
• Open Pleasure Horse Amateur/Owner to Ride – 3rd
• Canadian Dressage Suitability – Champ
• Canadian Pleasure Horse Open – Champ
• High Point Canadian Reserve Champ
• High Point Dressage Reserve Champ (all horses)

HUGE THANK YOU’S TO….Remi and Jody for hooking me up with such a great horse!

Margo Killoran,


Finally, my HAPPY NEW OWNER letter. I purchased my first Canadian gelding through your site in January and he was shipped to New Jersey from Canada on February 4, 2009. From the very beginning of my search for a Canadian horse you were on hand to answer all of my questions and listen to my feedback after I looked at the horses on your site and gave me guidance and wisdom on your experiences with placing people with the right horse. It took us a few months to find the right one, but it was well worth the wait. You encouraged me to look at Simba, at Massawippi Farm which I really did not want to do because he was only 2 1/2 years old, bay and 14.3hh. I wanted black, 5-8 years old and 15.1 to 15.3hh in height. WOW, was I surprised at my choice on buying Simba. I am so glad you encouraged me to go to Massawippi Farm when I was in Canada. He was everything I was looking for, he is calm, level headed, friendly, playful, smart respectful, curious, bold, beautiful, trusting and he always wants to please me. He has excellent conformation, clean legs & hard hooves. We bonded very quickly in the three months I have owned him. The experience I had with the breeders and yourself has been exceptional. I highly recommend your site and Massawippi Farm, and I also want to thank Manon & Louis for a wonderful horse!

The Canadian horse is a rare find and hopefully more people will become aware of this breed. I have educated everyone in my area and want to see more people exposed to the Canadians.

Jody keep up the good work!

Thank you again for all your Help,
New Jersey

Dear Jody,

I bought my Canadian stallion through your website in march 2008 and I’m really glad I did so. One year later I can say that Garoy Palmer Texan is a really smart, playful horse and he enjoys learning new things. He has grown a lot and is still growing and filling out. His color is gorgeous! I could not be happier with my choice! Thank you for all the great work you do for the Canadian horse breed.

Best regards,
Caroline Beaudoin,

Dear Jody,

A happy new owner of my first Canadian and getting happier as each day passes. I bought L’Angelus Yukon Preston from your site on July 1st, 2008. I am amazed at his intelligence & personality!

All is well and I am thrilled that I chose this breed. A Canadian is everything you could hope for in a horse and a “friend!”

It also seems that Canadian owners and breeders are equally as AWESOME! I have met some incredible people in the Cheval Canadien Family.

Thank you,

Rona McLean
Ottawa, Ontario


Dearest Jody,

Of course I must send you a little note to put on your Satisfied Sellers/ Happy New Owners page, because over the years I have been both! I now have sold 3 horses on the Link, and bought 2 and have had very easy and stress-free experiences all around.

As a seller, I always want to know for absolute sure that my horses are going to the best possible home where they will be loved and cared for as they deserve, and when someone inquires saying they saw the ad on your site, I never have to worry. And as a buyer, it is so reassuring that you seem to know everyone, and there are no shifty “horse salesmen” to worry about. Your site promotes honesty and true respect for the horses and people and it is so excellent!

I am tickled with the business I have done with the help of yourself and your site, and I thank you wholeheartedly for the help you have given me! I have attached a photo of Canadream Harrison Revelation taken Sept 28th, my new “dressage” horse that is multi-talented and has taken to jumping like a fish to water. She is absolutely my dream horse, just as you said she would be.

Thanks again Jody! Keep it up!

Beth and Rev. (aka Roxy)
London, Ontario

Hi Jody,

This note and photos of Duc and I show how happy we are! After many months of searching for the right Stallion and a few major disappointments along the way, with your help and perseverance I made the right choice in acquiring Duc. He is truly an outstanding example of how gorgeous, well behaved and truly wonderful the Canadian Horse is. Duc loves Alberta!! I want to thank Deb Poulsen and Mike Roberts for giving me the marvelous opportunity of owning such an outstanding Stallion and I want to give BIG acknowledgement and appreciation to you for all you do for me and the Canadian Horse Breed. You are The Best!

Your Friend,
Rumsey, Alberta

Laurie Goble & her new mare SPRUCE RIDGE FERARI ROCHER

merry-soldhappytnDearest Jody,

We have just purchased Pineview Velour Merry, and we could not be happier. She is such a loving, gentle soul, and I cannot believe how easy going she is. She personifies the standard for the Canadian temperament. She is spirited, yet so gentle and loving towards her humans. You should see this girl move! Watching her leaves us speechless! She is going to be an amazing addition to our small breeding program.

I haven’t felt this way about a horse in a really long time. I would not have found her, if it wasn’t for your site.

Thank you again for everything you do.

Trista Mandia-Rowe
Rowista Farm
Pembroke ON

Dear Jody,

I have been wanting to write my happy new owner letter!! I couldn’t wait. I have been reading the letters from other happy owners, and have most of the same things to say:

Thank you so much for bringing Poker and me together. I love him so much! He is perfect for me. Perfect size, temperament, conformation. Like another owner, I had been trying to replace my beloved Morgan horse, and find that this Canadian is everything I could hope and dream for. He is so lovable and friendly, and has filled a space that was empty in my life. He loves to give kisses and is so hug-able. We’ve started slowly trail riding with him (since he is only 3) but he acts like such a big boy. He is calm and level headed, and listens so well. He goes right over bridges and through water, and basically anything I ask him to do.

I also want to thank Ferme Tremcel for his great upbringing and training too. They were also so nice, friendly, and helpful.

I want to say thanks for for helping me to find him, and also for all the advice to have a smooth border crossing. I was prepared for my crossing and it went without a hitch. The whole thing was a wonderful, happy experience. I will (and already have) recommend you and your site, and also Canadian Horses to anyone interested in finding that great horse.

Thanks again,

Cheryl Anne Gonzalo and Vigneault Fire-Devall Poker
(we have nicknamed him Cocoa:)
New Hampshire

Vigneault Fire-Devall Poker Owned By Cheryl Anne Gonzalo

Our “1st Christmas”!

LA JEMMERAIE ALADIN LANCELOT owned by Rachel Motto of New Jersey.

Beckett’s Creek Ferari Phantom #11111

Dear Jody,

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me find this incredible horse on your web-site. There is nothing like The Canadian Horse and I’ve been enjoying the new addition to my equine family. Your help and advice was invaluable because I didn’t know anything about buying a horse on-line or shipping a horse from Quebec to California. Phantom arrived healthy and happy and everything was such a wonderful experience. When I’m ready for a new horse, I now know right where to go for help purchasing a new Canadian Horse. Phantom and I thank you very much for helping us find each other. He is the most incredible, athletic and smartest horse I’ve ever owned. He is my new best friend. Thank you Jody.

Mea Aparicio
Sylmar, CA

CHOINERE ZOULOU FLIC, show name ‘Falcon’ now owned by Carol Reive in Florida

falcon7tnHi Jody,

I would love if you would expound the virtues of the Canadian horse for me. My two fillies that I bought from Trista Rowe, Stardust and Syrah amaze me each day; they have such inquisitive natures and are so quick to learn. If I walk into the pasture they are right on my heels following me wherever I go. They train so easily and by the second farrier visit they were pros! They have both had blankets on their backs, been clipped with a razor and trained so easily to halter.

As for Falcon, he is a prize. I have never met a stallion with such a puppy dog personality. He listens to me and is careful in your space. After the initial 2-3 days when he arrived here we were riding him and every child in the neighborhood had a turn on his back. He comes to the fence when called and lowers his head for his halter or bridle. He loves the kid’s attention. Falcon has trimmed down nicely and muscled up into a royal looking steed; cars going by stop and watch him in the pasture! He has been trail riding with both my mare and gelding and is a perfect gentleman.


Stardust and Syrah

Hi Jody,

I have attached 2 pictures of Gina and I. She is everything I had hoped for. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know this wonderful mare. I hope to introduce her to medieval horse events next summer. (Must work on neck reining so I can ride with a “weapon” in one hand…) When we do, I will send along pictures of her all decked out in her medieval trappings. She will be stunning!

I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful resource person while searching for my Canadian. I would highly recommend your services to any Canadian owner who wants to sell their horse. If you need any references for those of us in the States, please let me know!

Sylvia Ferrell
Bucksport, Maine

Pineview Lou II Regal Roy #11249

Hello Jody

I just wanted to send you a photo of my wonderful new guy, who I found on your site, and who I am completely thrilled with. I bought Pineview Lou II Regal Roy sight unseen, because I really trusted his breeder Beth, and because I just had a feeling he was “the one.” And he is just a total delight. Gorgeous, and smart, smart, smart. I intend to do dressage with him, but he’s so clever and so balanced that I think he could do just about anything.

Anyway, I love your site. It is an invaluable resource to people looking for Canadians, especially for those of us who are in the states and who can’t necessarily travel to Canada.

Thanks for all you do. I love my boy!

Hadley Higginson
Atlanta, Georgia

PS–I’m keeping Roy at my mom’s farm in Virginia until he grows up a little, and this photo was taken just about a week after he arrived. Look at the closed eyes. He is such a lover!

ladyDear Jody,

I had been hoping to get some new photos of Magic Lady but we have had dark rainy weekends ever since she arrived. But I just want you to know that I am thrilled with my Lady. I must admit I was a little hesitant about buying a horse that I had not seen in person as I had never done that before, but everyone I’ve talked to that has purchased a horse through you had only good things to say about how you tried to match people with just the right horse for them. I also knew that you knew what I liked in a horse and I had so fallen in love with Lady’s photos and couldn’t get her off my mind.

Magic Lady turned out to be exactly the mare I was looking for to compliment our small herd, and her seller, Heidi Fortin, was just wonderful. She sent me photos and videos and told me honestly everything I wanted to know despite our struggling with language differences. Lady arrived here after her long 3,000 mile journey in excellent condition, sleek and trimmed – she could have walked right out of the trailer and into the show ring. I was very impressed. Heidi sent along all her health care records and it was plain to see that this was a mare who had been very well cared for and loved with everything such as vaccines, dental work and worming schedules up to date. I have All Points Transport and driver Ed to thank for that too, they were wonderful, treated my Lady like a queen and kept me updated right through that long cross-Canada winter journey.

I feel so lucky to have such a lovely mare, so intelligent, trusting, exceptionally well-mannered and eager to please, and so beautiful and trained to ride and drive too. And wow – can she ever move. It’s easy to see why she won ribbons in the shows in Quebec. Not only that, but my hubby loves her too so I couldn’t ask for more. Our stallion, Kelbeck, can’t take his eyes off her and Lady seems to feel the same. I can’t wait for spring and for the rains to stop so we can get ready for show season here in BC, and for later on down the road when our special foal will be born.

Thanks again,
Mission, BC

La Bute Coco Patsy #S4574: 23 YEARS YOUNG!

Hi Jody,

Finally I have photos of my husband’s “new woman”!! Patsy has been with us for just over a month now, and the bond my husband has formed with her is amazing! It is as if she has been with us for years. Patsy has proven to be a very trustworthy and spunky mount. She loves to take Brad for a lap or two around our conditioning track and out in the hayfield and around the trails. She has taught my younger horses the proper way to be a horse, and will tell them so if they are behaving too goofy for her liking. She has already taught 2 students to trot and is steadily building confidence in nervous riders. She is even teaching my barn cats to ride as they love to jump on her back and snuggle onto her nice warm rump!

She is an absolutely wonderful horse and we adore her! I cannot thank you enough for pointing us in her direction and for introducing us to Jess and Dave at Providence Farm. Patsy is a horse I would have had to search for years to find if not for you! Horses like her do not come up everyday!

Thanks so much,

Beth and Brad
Lakeside Stables
Brockville, Ontario

Luc Groulx and his wife, Isabelle Charron are the proud new owners of Makivik Watson Capitaine and Abitibi Watson Elaine.


Here are a couple of shots taken of both Capitaine and Elaine over the weekend. You would not believe the quality and overall calmness of these 2 horses. Once I have shots of Capitaine saddled up I would forward them on to you.

Thanks again for your help.

Luc Groulx,
Montreal, QC

Ramses2tnUpdate! 2005 palomino colt sired by Schmucki Pharraud Lambert coming 2 y.o.
Ramses1tnLambert-2 Lambert Ramses owned by Isabelle Charron and Luc Groulx.

Abitibi Watson Elaine and her 2005 palomino colt sired by Schmucki Pharraud Lambert. Elaine is owned by Isabelle Charron and Luc Groulx.


Dear Jody,

Here are some current pictures of Macdam, finally. He’s maturing into such an awesome Canadian Horse. I can’t say enough about his temperament, personality and intelligence. I’ve been into horses for over 40 years and I’ve never met a breed of horse that has such wonderful qualities all rolled into one. Everyone at the stable loves him and always wants to know more about this fantastic breed.

He has such superb movement and ability for any venue, I’ll be doing dressage, which is my love, however, he loves to jump and is very adept at it. A friend of mine who is the Assistant Head Trainer at Hilltop Farms was highly impressed with him. There’s something about him that makes you automatically treat him like a member of the family, yet he retains his respect for humans and is always willing to work.

I’m so happy with Macdam that I’m purchasing another Canadian. I do want to thank you so much for all your help, and want you to know how much Macdam has enriched my life and the lives of my family.

Michele Ruell,

MAX LALOU CASSY #5365 & Reve

Dear Jody,

I have finally have some pictures I think are worthy of your happy new owners page, (which I am)!!! Mare and filly are settling in very well, halter training and leading have begun for my Reve. What a handful she is too!! Every day I go out to my stable and clean Cassy, and Reve wants to be included in the grooming session now. Then we go out to their field and I walk around with them or just sit on a stool and watch them.

I am so happy, I love my guys so much, it was the best move I ever made. Thank you so very very much, (I can’t believe all that you went through on my behalf!). Thanks for sticking with me when things seemed bleak. Thanks to you and my family I am the happiest horse owner ever!!

I just can’t thank you enough, you are the best! I hope to some day have more Canadians, which I will definitely come back to you to help me find the best ones for me.


Kelly Joyce
Gananoque, Ontario

Marion Mitchell and her new gelding Blanchard Satan Leo

Owner Sue Byford and her gelding HÉMI GAROU MOHICAN

Dear Jody,

I’ve had Mohican for almost a year now & I cannot put into words how happy I am to have him. He is a gorgeous young man, goes superbly on trails and he is an absolute character — I just love him to bits! To quote you, he is my “golden boy”.

We are the PERFECT MATCH. You’ve done it again!

Thanks again!!

Sue Byford
Toronto, Ontario


Dearest Jody,

With every month that passes that I have had Logan in my life, I start a new letter to you but a mere ‘thank you’ does not even begin to express how I feel. My sentiments about you steering me in Logan’s direction (and it did take many twists and turns with you always saying, “What about Logan?!”) and me always having an excuse (‘I want a mare’, he’s too young’, ‘he’s too tall’ and on and on) are exactly the same as everyone else who has a testimonial under ‘Happy New Owners’ but my sentiments are also so much more. You not only found a new Canadian for me – you helped me with my grieving over my unexpected loss of my Canadian mare, April, who after 30 years of my not riding brought me back full tilt, into the world of owning my own horse again. For that Jody, I can never say ‘thank you’ enough. You listened, let me cry and shared some of your own experiences with me. You were my eyes, my ears and my heart during this search that you willingly embarked on for me because it wasn’t an option for me to travel to see any of the available Canadians in Quebec or Ontario. It truly became your search. You were totally honest with your thoughts and assessments of all the Canadians that we considered. When I heard your glowing, ‘Ten thumbs up, you’ve found your boy!’, after you had traveled to Ferme Tremcel to meet and ride Logan for me, the search was finally over and you were just as thrilled and excited as I was. Because of your excellent advice, the vet check and the sale of Logan went smoothly. The only thing I had to do was wait for my transporter to arrive with him! However, then the reality of what I had done set in – I had bought a horse on the internet – me!! But when I saw my beautiful 3 year old Canadian gelding standing in his new stall I was blown away!! So Jody, for all that you have done for me to help turn a devastating situation into something positive – a never ending ‘thank you’…..


Jane McKiel
Saint John, NB

Hi Jody:

My Dad was the buyer of Mon Repos Elite Yvette through your site and after having her finally arrive from Danny Waldman’s last Saturday, we decided to try her out in the saddle today (Dec. 22). I’ve attached a few photos. We are so happy that Dad has finally found a horse that he loves everything about and we just adore her. Our own two horses are sweet and kind and we are so pleased that Dad has found a mare that is just as kind hearted as our other two. He just adores her and is riding her around today; he becomes more and more fond of her. She tacks up quietly without objection and both me and my younger sister rode her. We found her to be willing in all gaits and not a horse that would just take off on you. She has a beautiful trot and lope, very easy to sit to, very smooth. She’s not intimidating in saddle at all which is good because we hope to teach Mom to ride. She’s a beautiful mare and looks absolutely stunning under saddle. We know that she had probably not been ridden for at least a month, but we had no problems just hoping on and riding without having to lunge her. Thanks so much Jody for helping us find Dad the perfect horse for him. She’s a wonderful addition to our paddock – everyone loves her!

Ronda Ross
Cape Sable Island, NS

Although we searched high and low for the right Canadian for Gerry and Vi, they fell in love with a local gelding named Dexter who is not a Canadian but nonetheless, looks and behaves like one. Dexter is a Trakkener/QH cross - but doesn't he resemble one of our beloved?

Although we searched high and low for the right Canadian for Gerry and Vi, they fell in love with a local gelding named Dexter who is not a Canadian but nonetheless, looks and behaves like one. Dexter is a Trakkener/QH cross – but doesn’t he resemble one of our beloved?

Dear Jody,

Just a note to express our gratitude to you for all your help in our search for our dream horse. Although we finally found our horse apart from your site, your knowledge, advice and support to us through these months of searching were invaluable. You have a wonderful talent for matching horse and new owner. It is not hard to see you have a genuine caring for the animal you promote, and that it is important to you that the right “matches” are made. The service you offer through your CanadianHorseLink site is excellent! Your site makes it so easy to view the pics and descriptions of the horses you list, and from my own personal experience I can say I am particularly impressed by the integrity of your site and the personal interest you take in your clients, their concerns, and individual situations. You are certainly educating all of us who hit your site on this wonderful breed – the Canadian. We had such a positive experience with CanadianHorseLink. If in the future we decide to add to our equine family, we will be in contact with you again. We highly recommend you and your site to anyone!

Gerry & Viola Julien
Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia

Molly and Herc owned by Diana Fayle in Ontario

Hi Jody,

Molly and Herc are great – better than you described! We instantly fell in love with them. My husband, a non horse person, informed me this morning that he wants his own saddle for Herc. I just about fell off my chair and had to ask him to say it again.

Anneke and Gaetan are also such great people. Molly and Herc have been so well cared for and trained. I learned so much about carts, harnesses, driving, etc. just by being with them yesterday.

Thank-you so much for recommending we contact Anneke about the team, you were right that they are perfect for us!

I will send pictures as soon as I get some.

Thanks again,

Diana Fayle


By the time you receive this, Kanion should be safe and sound in his new home. Thank you for all of your help in connecting me with my new Cheval Canadien – I’m the envy of everyone at my barn with my flashy new horse!

Your time spent meeting me at Michel Berthiaume’s and all of your translation assistance has been invaluable. I feel so ‘cosmopolitan’ – driving to Canada, working with a breeder who speaks only French and dealing with the exchange rate for Canadian vs. US dollars – and finally, bringing back my new horse. It’s been a “blast” as we say here.

And thank you for putting me in touch with Sue Creamer and Leonor Rodriguez – we continue to stay in touch – and they’re almost as excited about Kanion as I am.

Feel free to share my name with others in the US who are interested in the Canadian horse – I’d be happy to share my experience.

Thank you again. Keep in touch and if you ever get to Massachusetts (or New England), please give me a call, I’d love to see you again.


Joyce Sandvik
Franklin, MA

June 2005

Hi Jody,

It has been over two weeks now since Medallion has been home; in May I sent him to a wonderful trainer in Massachusetts for one month to be saddle broke. I worked with him over the past year doing all the “on the ground” training so she just had to get on, which she did almost immediately. It was easy, I kicked myself for not having the courage to get on him myself. As you will remember, Medallion was 2 when I bought him last year from Canadream Farm. MJ had done a wonderful job with him and he was a joy from the day he arrived.
I thought about writing this note to you each day over the last two weeks but always said ‘Gee I better wait….just in case’. Medallion is only 3 now but he is going perfect under saddle and both my instructor and myself are in complete amazement. I ride him every other day and he is enjoying learning the foundations for his dressage career. I am feeling moments of him working nicely through his back, he has wonderful attention, a desire to do the right thing, and lots of forwardness. He already has a nice canter on a twenty meter circle – after only two weeks! He is showing signs of being a good trail horse (aside from trying to eat the leaves) and seems to be unflappable when it comes to surprise turkeys, cars, lawn sprinklers, etc. At the trainers she only worked him on the trails, he is barefoot and so far no signs of tender feet so this is an added bonus.

Jody I just can’t thank you enough for pointing me in MJ’s direction at Canadream Farm where I found Medallion. He was the first and only Canadian I looked at and I truly think it was just meant to be (though if I had my own farm, all MJ’s babies were beautiful, I could have taken one of them home too!). You may remember that I had been horse shopping for 2 years and had been through more vetting than I want to mention when you found my “horse wanted” ad. I almost came to the point of giving up my search.

I’ll be sure to send you more pictures as Medallion matures and fills out. He is a perfect 15.3hh right now and when he looks at me with those big, round, soft puppydog eyes my heart just melts. He just looks so happy and I couldn’t ask for more. Please feel free to give out my email to anyone who may be considering a Canadian as I would be more than happy to chat about my experience. My plans for Medallion are pointed to competitive dressage and he is showing all the right signs that he would like to go that route too.

Thank you again,
Lucia Hackett
Lucia and Medallion’s first ride, what a good boy!

October 2005

Hi Jody,

In looking over your “Happy New Owners” page I noticed that I hadn’t sent you an update on my relationship with Medallion. I couldn’t be happier with him; he is my dream horse come true. It has been over a year now and he is 3 ½ and doing very well under saddle. You may remember that Dressage is my passion. Well last week I had a lesson with a very respected instructor. She rides and trained her own horse to Grand Prix and studies dressage with very reputable European trainers. Her world is that of the Warmblood. She was so very impressed with Medallion but had never heard of the breed. She was very impressed with his personality, gaits, soft mouth and work ethic. She looks forward to seeing him in a couple of years when he really matures and muscles up. I was on cloud nine. In addition to his talent for dressage he is just a great horse. After a week of rain and no riding I can tack him up and just head out to the trail and he is a perfect gentlemen. Then of course when I dismount he waits for me to hug and kiss his head for a minute before we head back to the barn. What a horse! I will never be able to thank you enough for bringing this breed to my attention.

Best regards





Le Noir Lalou Kadabra #8808

Dear Jody,

I want to thank you for all of your help in helping me find the perfect horse. Kadabra is just what I was hoping for! It was a pleasure doing business with you, Pierre Rivard and Orphee Guy. Kadabra was very impressive on the video I received but when he came off the hauler, you really saw his wonderful personality from the first moment! I encourage anyone looking for a really sound, intelligent horse to look at the Canadian breed; you won’t be sorry!! This is my first horse purchase and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you again for all of your kindness and compassion for Kadabra. I didn’t see him until he stepped off the hauler but I think we’ll be a good match! The transportation company, Bodi Transportation was great, they kept in touch with me and was right on schedule. They took great care of Kadabra, I highly recommend their service.

My best regards to all of you,

Sue Creamer
North Dighton, MA

Bonnie Ash and her 5 year old gelding L’HARMONIE BABA HERKI

Dear Jody,

I wanted to thank you again for your help in finding the perfect match for me. L’Harmonie Baba Herki (Herki for short) is fabulous!!!! He is a sweet, loving horse with tons of personality. It was definitely worth the drive to see him because I ended up bringing him home. He has recently started pulling a sleigh – something I didn’t know if he had done before. He took to it like a pro and within minutes was prancing across the field with me and the sleigh in tow. !!! He is very accepting of anything I ask of him and does his very best. I think we will make a great pair.

I have referred other folks to this website because I had such luck with it and with your help. Good luck to you! Thanks again!!

Bonnie Ash
Littleton, NH

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