Sending Pictures

In order to keep the Canadian Horse Link webmaster happy, please follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Pictures should ONLY be sent in .JPG or .GIF format. Other types render file sizes that are too large and make the webmaster very unhappy. (The WORST file type to send is a .BMP or Paint file. They are huge and the quality is generally terrible.) If they are too large, the webmaster may simply reject them.
  2. If using photos from a digital camera, please resize them using the software that came with your camera, or if you have it, use Adobe Photoshop and the “Save For Web” option. See next guideline for sizes.
  3. Pictures do not need to be huge – a maximum of 500 pixels at the largest point is more than enough. The file size does not need to be any larger than 300 KB.
  4. If scanning photos, please set your scanner to a maximum of 100 dpi and do not increase the photo size to more than 150%. When scanning, save your files as .JPG or .GIF files. DO NOT SAVE AS .BMP. Also, ensure that you are using the selection tool to select only the parts of the photo you want, and that you are not selecting the entire surface of the scanner. Again, file sizes should not be any larger than 300 KB.
  5. When naming photos, please name them in sequence using the horses registered name – eg. finland1.jpg, finland2.jpg, finland3.jpg. DO NOT use descriptions to name files (eg. finlandleftside.jpg).
  6. Please do not insert the horse’s name or any text onto the picture.
  7. Do not edit the photos (by removing backgrounds, lead ropes, etc.) in any way unless you are a professional photographer or professional graphic designer and can do it in such a way as not to damage the integrity of the photo. Altered photos are considered dishonest by many horse buyers.

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