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Date of Birth: 5/4/2004

Height: 14.3 hh


Gorgeous 15 year-old gelding who can be ridden both English and Western.  He loves trails and can go out alone or with a group.  He is handy with opening/closing gates with a rider.  Excellent ground manners, will stand at liberty. As far as dressage, he understands collection at the walk and trot (canter is a work in progress), leg yielding, shoulder in, turn on the forehand/haunches.

Easy for vet, farrier, dentist and will stand to be groomed by children.  Pete is a forward ride and therefore needs a confident rider who will let him know who calls the shots under saddle (once this is established, he follows suit). This boy may be 15 but he has energy to spare and prefers to get out and work over sitting around eating hay with his buddies.  He would probably love eventing or anything that requires endurance and a brave attitude.  He is super sweet and loves to bond with his person.  He has no vices, never a dirty ride by any means but if he could canter and trot the entire ride he would.  However as long as his rider is dominant he will go at the rider’s speed and gaits desired.  He trailers very well.  Easy keeper, always barefoot, up to date on everything. Selling because he is too strong for my daughter.  We are located in Camden, Maine.  For more information on Pete, please contact Shannon Stewart at

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