Nora is a sweet, saddle trained 15.1 hand, registered Cheval Canadien mare, who has had only one owner since she was imported from Quebec as a weanling in December 2003.  A classic Canadian, Nora is calm, inquisitive and people-oriented, very consistent from day to day.  She is the kind of horse that can have some time off and then pick right back up where she left off.

Nora was trained using natural horsemanship and remains responsive to her gentle training.  She’s not been competed or bred, has been very well cared for and has minimal wear and tear for a horse of her age.  On the ground, Nora lunges, long lines (including in patterns, over poles, small obstacles) and will readily work in hand, e.g., does turns on forehand and haunches, leg yields, side passes off her handler’s cues.

Under saddle Nora is uncomplicated and willing.  She is definitely on the lazier side, a lot more whoa than go.  She does walk, trot, canter with leads, both on a loose rein and will frame up nicely for a more educated rider.  She has a soft mouth and is ridden in a loose ring snaffle.  She has been ridden English, mostly centered riding, but could easily go Western.  Nora knows some lateral work and has also done a bit of jumping (cross rails, small arena jumps and trail obstacles), both of which she seems to enjoy and has ability to do more with the right rider.

For ring-work, Nora prefers to work in an outdoor arena or large open space, where she tends to be happiest and more forward.  Although not a “finished” trail horse, Nora has been trail ridden in many places, enjoys the trails and will hack out alone or with a small group, where she will lead or follow.  As well, Nora has periodically been used lightly for lessons with other adult riders and can generally adapt to their level of skill.

Like all horses, Nora can have an occasional spook but overall she is sensible and easy going.  In the barn, Nora is sweet and very easy to have.  She cross ties, bathes, clips, blankets, stands for the vet and farrier, trailers and is neat in her stall.  She can be turned out alone or with others, has been in large fields and small paddocks, turned out 24/7 weather permitting and stabled.  She is barefoot and a very easy keeper that does best with limited grain and a slow feed hay-net.  Turnout on grass needs to be monitored as she gains weight easily.  Nora has no vices or known major health issues and is up to date with vaccines, feet, teeth and worming.  She likely has some minor arthritis in her hocks and is on a joint supplement.  She also has several extra teeth in her upper jaw, which has not been a problem.

Reasons for sale – current owner is ready to move up to a younger, larger horse with potential for higher levels of dressage and jumping and wants Nora to have her own person/family to do what she likes to do best.  There is no pressure on this sale and her owner will be selective about her next home.  An appropriate home will be one reasonably matched to Nora’s temperament and level of training, looking for a long term partner and willing to include a buy back/ right of first refusal as part of the sale.  Asking $5000 USD.  It is preferred that prospective buyers come and meet Nora in person before making an offer.  Located in Princeton, Massachusetts.  For further information about Nora please contact:  Miranda Thibodeau at Avondalemeadows@gmail.com – Mobile – 508-868 -9090


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