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Height: 16hh

Date of Birth: April 30, 2015


Colossal is a registered 8 year-old Canadian Gelding (gelded May 2023) who was born destined for the show ring.  His presence, conformation, temperament, athleticism and outstanding gaits were quite apparent even as a yearling.  I have owned him since he turned two (June 2016).

Temperament:  He is mellow and kind.  He can be offended by loud fast movements, but takes everything in stride and is incredibly inquisitive and brave.  No problem with running heavy machinery by him he’s always loved things to see and process. He leads, ties, baths, trailers beautifully, and is great for the farrier!  No problems with spray bottles hoses or bodies of water.  He does have some sass; being a late gelding, he has a presence and likes to be the center of attention but easily managed with verbal corrections if needed, he does not require being led with a chain.  He is incredibly sensitive and has an opinion of being spanked with a crop (sometimes kicking out) and much prefers to be guided with spurs, but is very bright and takes correction well.  He can flip his head in excitement and loves to show off for others, but never out of hand or in a very rude manner.

Training:  He has been in professional training for the past 7 months on a work schedule of dressage and jumping alternating for 5 days a week.  He was started under saddle as a 3 year old, very lightly and worked up to regular training on and off.  He got a few months of rest periodically as I seem to be able to ride lots for a while then have no time.  So he got time to be a horse and relax, turned out with his best friend.

Showing:  His show record doesn’t exceed small town shows due to time and costs (some of his accolades seen in slideshow), however as a young stallion he won many awards such as “Supreme Canadian”  and “Champion Stallion” at the Canadian Horse Showcase here on Vancouver Island.  He won in hand Second Place at a fair showcasing Canadian horses locally.  He settles into busy show environments with ease and takes everything in stride.  Not much seems to phase him.  Aside from showing, he has been in countless clinics and training seminars, always presenting his breed so well people don’t even know what he is.  Clinicians and judges love him.

Reason for Sale:  I had big plans of breeding him to produce great purebred Canadian Sport Horses, however with the limited veterinary care on Vancouver island I soon discovered that there are no reproductive vets anymore and in order to breed I would have to take ferries and weeks of traveling to accommodate this dream.  In addition, I am a full-time farrier and also own an equine operation and other animals plus my family – I had to come to the devastating reality that I no longer have time to ride.  However, even if I did have time, I am a leisurely rider.  I no longer show and this magnificent horse simply put is wasted on me.  I don’t do him justice, and he deserves a life of adventure and showing him off.  He has done everything from dressage to jumping, cross country, trail riding, road riding, and more. He enjoys other horses and has never been segregated or away from his herd.  He routinely gets turned out with his best friend.

Reason for his late Gelding:  He was also such a gentle, easy-going stallion that I never felt the pressing need to geld him.  However, as I truly wish for him to show and be an ambassador for the Canadian Breed, I know that gelding him will encourage him finding a great new show home.  Although a late gelding allows for “studdy” behaviors to continue, his temperament as a stud was always manageable that without a doubt his presence and impressive stature will remain intact.  Of note, Colossal has never bred a mare.

He is always up to date on vaccinations, worming, farrier.  His vet is available for phone-calls for those considering his purchase.  He was shod for training, but since having been gelded and returned home I have pulled his shoes and had always lived his life barefoot with no issues.  Big beautiful strong and healthy Canadian feet.

Currently out of regular training for a brain break as he heals from being gelded.

Please reach out with any and all questions.   Located in Sooke , British Columbia.  Asking $30,000 CAD.  Would prefer Colossal goes to a Dressage show hom.  For more information on this outstanding Canadian Gelding, please contact Jessy Martin at jessymartinwood@gmail.com

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