Sweet, Registered Canadian Filly: CEDAR ROCK WILLOWS IDAMOON #15130 (ONTARIO)

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Date of Birth:  May 29, 2021

Color: Brown

Height of Sire:  14.3hh

Height of Dam: 15hh

This very pretty, doe-eyed, sweet filly is good on lead line and loads on trailer with no problem. Ties and cross-ties good.  Fast learner (typical Canadian).  Bright, curious,  brave and likes people.  Good with giving hooves, had the 4:1 vaccine, regular worming program.  Ida gets along with all in a herd, a great personality.

This filly wants to bond with a forever family.  We see her as an all-purpose Canadian who could do whatever you would like.

Price: $4000 CAD + HST.  For more information please contact,Kathleen Scott at cedarrockcanadians@gmail.com.  Located in Coldwater, Ontario.

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