Height:  15.2hh

Twenty-four-year-old mare in excellent health, never sick.  Helena is old stock.  She has feathered feet and grows an impressive coat and beard (and once a handlebar mustache) in the winter.  She has amazing movement And eyes that let you see straight into her soul.  Helena has a very unique personality.  She came to us as a quasi-rescue at age six, essentially untouched by human hands.  She was, and remains, very shy and skittish.  She is low on the pecking order in the herd. We always enjoyed her personality.  She was the closest thing to a wild horse we could know.  She seldom allows herself to be touched in the pasture but will always come for a treat, and usually ‘pay her respects’ by kissing a hand.  She behaves quite well inside the barn once she has a lead rope or halter on.  She has only been led once – in the early days of the Nurtural bridle.  She has never been trained.  She has responded very well to a female barefoot farrier.  Her hooves look cracked but the farrier says they are sound.Helena will flourish with a loving, calm, confident, knowledgeable owner.  The rest of ‘her family’ are also looking for new homes.  Located in Sudbury, Ontario.  Last vaccines 2019 as they never leave the property.  For more information on Helena, her son Tennyson, and her ‘husband’ Paxton, please contact Zoe at zoe@awesome-numbers.org

Note:  Small square bales available to last until July for owner’s cost of $6/bale.


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