Kind Canadian Gelding, offered as companion horse only: JALNA GITAND PAXTON # 11131 (ONTARIO)

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Age: 18 years old

Height: 15.1hh

Paxton is an affectionate, well-mannered healthy gelding who has been the heart and soul of this farm from six months of age.  He is one of the first young horses to be trained in the Nurtural Bitless Bridle that was invented by his owners.  You can watch Paxton’s first ride at age two here –  Some of the photos are from his younger days and training.Paxton fathered nine foals.  He could jump a six-foot fence, hence the ninth foal.  He delights in scratches and smiles to show his appreciation.Paxton has been ridden a lot, always bitless – as a stallion and gelding (just back trails on his home farm; nothing fancy).  If you were to ride him, he is being re-homed on the condition he is always kept bitless.

Paxton has suffered from moon blindness for the past five years.  “Moon blindness is still being researched as to the specific cause of the disorder. It is known that this disease is not contagious and cannot be passed from horse to horse.  He is now virtually blind.  He functions well in the pasture with his ‘wife and son, Helena and Tennyson, who are also looking for new homes.  His moon blindness is not contagious.  He is looking for a new loving home due to a death in the family.  References mandatory.  Located in Sudbury, Ontario.  For more information on Paxton, please contact Zoe at

All three have never been sick.  Paxton is excellent with the farrier.  Vaccinations were done in 2019.  They never leave the farm.  Small square bales available to last until July for owner’s cost of $6/bale.

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