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Date of Birth: 2008-05-03

Height: 15.2hh


Number – Name – Horse – Test Score – Placing Points


5686 Allison Laurie Hidden Meadow Neirin Umber (Ruby) USDF Introductory Test C 70.250% 1st
6133 Allison Laurie Hidden Meadow Neirin Umber (Ruby) USDF Training Level Test 2 64.038% 3rd

5646 Leah Ruby USDF First Level Test 1 68.448% 2nd
5160 Leah Ruby USDF First Level Test 1 66.207% 2nd
6100 Leah Ruby USDF First Level Test 2 64.714% 3rd
6018 Leah Ruby USDF First Level Test 2 63.857% 3rd


6946 Leah Patrick Ruby USDF First Level Test 1 66.296% 2nd
7567-1 Leah Patrick Ruby USDF Second Level Test 1 68.108% 2nd
7567 Leah Patrick Ruby USDF Second Level Test 2 65.366% 2nd
7890 Leah Patrick Ruby USDF Second Level Test 2 67.683% 2nd

Description: Stunning, beautiful chestnut mare that has presence and that “Wow Factor” when you first see her.  She is a loving, sensitive mare that loves attention, hugs and enjoys being groomed and bathed.  She is very clean and avoids mud and only rolls in her clean stall.  She is quiet and relaxed to be around.  She loves to be ridden and tries her heart out when learning new things.

Health Info: Ruby has regular dental care and is regularly vaccinated and fecal tested and has had no health, injury or lameness issues.  She is barefoot.  She is turned out daily with 2 geldings without issues and is stalled at night.  She is quite happy to be kept in during wet muddy weather.  She is fed straight Timothy hay, Equalizer and soaked hay cubes.  She get BMZ (hoof care) and Equithrive (Joint care), both as preventive measures.

Training: Ruby was broke to drive single harness by the breeder.  Ruby has been in training under saddle for both Dressage (competitive showing) and Jumping (mostly for fun) with my trainer/coaches over the years and has been ridden in my lessons for most of the 10 years we have owned her.  She was bought directly from the breeder in 2011.  She is a very honest jumper, she doesn’t duck out or stop at jumps while schooling (up to 3’ and entry level cross country, including water).  Ruby has not jumped competitively.  I retired from eventing several years ago.

She loads and trailers well and is a sweetheart with our farrier. She has excellent ground manners and is patient and well-mannered when she is the 3rd horse brought in from the paddock.  No vices but will paw when waiting for me to bring her grain but will stop when she hears her name.

Reason For Sale: I started to develop osteoarthritis in my knees that affected how often and how long I could ride her. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful part boarder for the last 2 years.  During this time I had my (2 knee replacement ) surgeries and recovery but due to my age and health, I have realized that I will not be fit enough to ride my wonderful sweet mare and this is breaking my heart.  She is too talented and young to retire.  Ruby is a wonderful representative of the Canadian breed and I would like her to go to an owner that is devoted to the breed and will continue promoting and showing her.

Price $15,000 CAD (sold for asking price).  All tack (saddle, pads, bridles, leads, blankets, coolers, sheets, boots etc. is preferred to be included in the sale price).

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