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(Photo Credits:  Richard Hope)

Donalf Neirin Hennessey is a charming, soft, and stunning yearling colt.  He has inherited his father’s calm, kind disposition, and eye-catching suspension.  With a big elastic trot, and an effortless, ground covering canter we think Hennessy could excel as a hunter or dressage prospect.  From his mother he received levelheadedness, willingness, and fabulous “big hair”, with double mane and tail.

This gentleman of a colt will be big, and has fantastic conformation. We feel he has all the qualities of an excellent stallion and therefore will wait a month or two before considering gelding.  If gelded we think he should reach 16hh.  If kept as a stallion perhaps 15.3hh.  He was the size of our warmblood foals, from years ago, at birth.  We believe Hennessy is a dark bay or fading black but will be doing colour testing soon.  We intend to be  very careful/particular in finding the right home for these boys as we feel they are quite special.  It’s important to us that they end up in homes where their potential can be reached.  Asking $5000 CAD.  We are locateAsking $5000 CAD.  We are located in Stouffville, Ontario.  For more information on Hennessy, please contact Barb at donalffarms@gmail.com

We are also offering Hennessy’s half brother for sale, DONALF NEIRIN HARLEE

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