Faquyr 1 May 26 2019

Faquyr 2 May 26 2019


Date of Birth:  July 26, 1996

Height: 14.2-14.3hh

Weight: Around 1000 pounds

Faquyr is a 25-year-old Canadian stallion who has been a stud all of his life.  He sires beautiful foals, and is still useful for breeding (we held back breeding in 2020) but he put on the ground three 2017 foals, one in 2018, and one in 2019.  Sadly, due to circumstances beyond my control and through no fault of his own, I am forced to find a new forever home for my lovely stallion ASAP.  As he is too old to be asked to handle the stress of castration, whoever takes him must be willing to keep him intact.

To my knowledge, he has not been trained to saddle or harness.  He leads, loads, and travels well. He stands quietly for the farrier and for grooming.  He is a steady, quiet boy (except when around new mares or mares in heat, then he is a typical stallion and will respond to firm correction on the lead).  In the 4 years I have owned him he has never kicked, bitten, or otherwise made a threatening move towards anyone.  He will try to push his way into your bubble, especially at feeding time, and all one needs to do is physically remind him how close he can get and to back off when he gets too close, and he will mind his manners.

Faquyr does not play well with geldings or other stallions; he will fight them.  He pastures quietly with mares. Here he always had a mare with him year-round for 3 years, and he pastured well on his own in his own paddock over this past year where he could see and communicate with the rest of the horses.  He will go through or over any wooden/metal fence in his way to get to a mare; electric fence, however, including 2 strand electric wire on the inside of wooden fencing, he respects 100% and he will remain within the boundaries without question.

Faquuyr has dental issues. He has almost no molars; consequently, his feed has to be soaked.  What has been tried, tested, and proven to consistently keeps him in condition the best is a mix of 50/50 hay cubes (recommended pounds/weight for a stallion), two 2-Cup scoops each of alfalfa pellets, Step 8, and beet pulp twice a day (double the beet pulp in the winter) with a topping of 2 cups of TriMax once a day, and 2 shots of Zev every day; the Zev acts as an appetizer, aids in digestion, and helps increase the nutritional value of his meals.  This is something that we have always used with racing Thoroughbreds with great results, and it works in helping Faquyr maintain his condition and weight (especially in the winter and breeding season).  Zev and Tri Max are a must have in his diet as he will quickly lose weight without them.  Whenever he has lost weight in the past, this feed regimen has always put the weight back on him in a short time and kept it there.   Free choice leafy hay, and grazing when available.

Faquyr enjoys being groomed and fussed over but no treats, as he has no molars.  It had been my wish to keep him until he died, but it is not to be.  It is now my wish to find someone out there who will be willing and able to take him in and give him a safe and comfortable home.  Located in Alberta.  To approved home only.  For more information, please contact Mira at

Feel free to contact his previous owner, Jackie Dixon, who will also attest he is a gentle, wonderful stallion: and phone number is 204-573-4317 (call or text).

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