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Height: 15.2hh

Hidden Meadow Neirin Ardon or Goose as we affectionately call him is an 8 year old chestnut gelding.  ‘Goose’ has lived a fairly pampered lifestyle so far – being used for casual riding mostly (trails and some arena work – puttering around the farm).  He was also leased out a few summers by a 14 year old girl.  He has been on many trails, I have taken him for walks down the road and into the forest with my dog and he has been on overnight camping trips and I’ve taken him to a de-spook clinic and a clinic with Lori Duff.  He’s super willing to please and sensitive to his rider/handler.  He’s also a good boy for trailering.  I’ve been his sole owner since he was about 2 or so, before that he was with the breeder.  Goose is a very funny guy, lots of personality and is sweet. Typical Canadian in that he loves people and is very inquisitive.  He does however have some quirks (literally who doesn’t).  He can be afraid of his own shadow.  He is super sensitive.  He needs a confident, calm handler who can be his leader as he has very little confidence in himself.  All that to say, he is not for a beginner rider/handler.  Also someone who is familiar with the Canadian breed is a major plus.

He does require front shoes as he once had an abscess that burst from his cornet band and cracked down his hoof. No lameness issues at all,  the shoe is just there to maintain the structure of the hoof.

He has been out of consistent work for a little over 6 months as I was pregnant and now have an almost one and 1/2 year old boy.  So I spend most of my days on Mommy duty and have since focused my time on bringing up a 4yr old gelding of mine that needs work.  So Goose has been ridden a bunch of times here and there but not consistently.  He would thrive in a situation where he had his own person who could work with him and give him the consistency that he needs.  He is lazy under saddle now but that’s by no fault of his own, he just needs to be brought back into work and into shape.  I find that with him especially, routine and daily work helps his mind (same as most horses) and most of his anxiety issues greatly diminish.

Reason for re-homing is because of the fact that he needs way more attention and dedication than he is being given currently – it’s just not fair to him.  I want to find him a good loving home where he can thrive and make someone a perfect partner.  I love him dearly and am not in a rush to see him go.  Please feel free to ask any questions, I am an open book! Located in Arnprior, Ontario.  Asking $5500 CAD.  For more information and more videos, please email Jenna at

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